IELTS registration

Since mid-November, I have been undergoing training for IELTS. While I am confident of my communication skills, I felt a compelling need to undergo training to crack IELTS. I have an amazing tutor but I am not regular with my IELTS practice. I lacked the confidence to register for the examination. Adding to this is the confusion of choosing between computer-based test and paper-based test. My tutor encouraged me to go ahead and register. She also shared the test registration link. After trying some IELTS practice tests for listening, I decided to go ahead and register. I have been persuading my friend to register as well who is equally competitive when it comes to procrastination. At one point, I informed my friend that I am going to register. I had saved up for this IELTS test. As I am running on shoe string budget already, I was afraid I would spend the money. Also, test dates get booked so quickly that I have to book a date at least a month ahead. After prayers and divinations, I chose 18th February. I was going to book on Saturday (8th January). Me and my friend decided to book at once. I had forgotten to scan my passport. So, I rushed to the nearest dtp centre. I promised to comeback in ten minutes. By the time I returned, my friend made other plans. On Sunday, I went ahead and booked the test. I prayed well and started the process. Thank God the date was available for 9am slot. All is well so far. I patiently filled all details and saved a copy of the page. I duly checked all details too. Now, I was directed to the payment page. Some instinct said I should pay through e-wallet. I did not have money in the account associated with the e-wallet. The account that has the money has only NetBanking feature. I was lazy to make a transfer. I chose to go ahead with NetBanking. After multiple attempts, I logged in. Now this is a red flag that I ignored. I continued NetBanking. I successfully entered all credentials and payment was made. I received a transaction number too. The page had a button that said return to merchant site which means it would take me to IELTS website. In all excitement and relative anxiety, I was expecting a test confirmation message. And boommmm… there I receive an error message. Now this is shocking. In all anxiety, I tried to contact IDP IELTS. First of all their toll free number didn’t connect me to the customer care executive. Next resort was email. I sent an email with screenshots. I received a complaint acknowledgement mail with some reference number.

On Monday as advised by my friend, I called the local idp office. The IELTS incharge was on leave. I was happy to receive a call from the same person two hours later. She said she could process refund if I could send an email with my passport copy and transaction details. I requested for a test date instead of refund. She was surprised at my request. I explained to her about wanting to take ielts asap. Honestly, I don’t have funds to book another test. Waiting for refund means I may not get the chosen date. My friend offered to pay for me. I can payback only when I get the refund. Though half-hearted, I mailed the required documents to IDP as advised by the ielts representative at IDP. She said she would initiate a refund. Today me and my friend had to go to IDP office and book the tests. But we couldn’t make it because both of us had medical commitments for family. This test booking is postponed for tomorrow.

Though I gave a request mail for refund, I haven’t heard from IDP via email and the representative didn’t pick my call today. May be I should just give up on the date. May be the time is not right. I just have to acknowledge Murphy’s law now. Ultimately, I want to score the magical score of 8–8–8–8 in IELTS. I don’t mind a 8–9–8–9 either. I am certainly not counting on tomorrow. If test booking has to happen tomorrow, let it happen. Hoping for the best!


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On my way to Canada

On my way to Canada

Hello, I’m Ramalakshmi, PhD - Asst Professor — figuring out things. What currently best describes me is that “I am a Day dreamer busy counting my blessings”.